Ethpods are a collection of unique, randomly generated NFTs that inhabit the Ethereal Abyss. They produce a powerful psychotropic substance, which grants transcendental powers and allows them to obtain mysterious elemental objects. Gathering these objects strengthens their interconnectedness with other Ethpods, raises them up the guild hierarchy and inspires them to collaborate in creation of universal story narratives. Ethpods can choose how to display their collected treasures, resulting in the image immediately updating: Ethpods are configurable NFTs.


Ethpods represent diverse species of cETHalopods, including squid, octopus, cuttlefish, kraken and nautilus, some warriors, all characterized by a distinctive head, refractive crystalline eyes, and tentacles with which they grasp the elemental objects scattered across the ocean floor. These iridescent creatures are masters of camouflage, their colours showcasing carefully crafted and curated textures and patterns. Approximately 500 Ethpod traits produce millions of combinations; billions if objects are included.



Ethpods crew are passionate about channeling some of the blockchain energy into marine preservation. Proudly partnering with Sea Shepherd, we are committed to financially supporting the wonderful work they do to help protect our oceans.


  • roadmap-origins


    To develop the Ethpod art, hand drawn eyes, tentacles, heads and armour were spun in our visualisation engine before being lifted with hundreds of bespoke camouflage textures.

  • roadmap-contract


    Ethpods incorporate DeFi concepts and utility for added rarity.  Our ERC-721 token provides dynamic metadata functions powered by an ERC-20 token, $INK. 

  • roadmap-mint


    Ethpods will be available to mint from our website, before being free to swim in the Opensea (or whichever ocean you prefer). 

    Mint date TBC

  • roadmap-donation


    We are passionate about bringing marine preservation to the blockchain space. We pledge to financially support reputable ocean preservation organizations.

  • roadmap-mechanics


    Ethpods can enter the staking pool to earn $INK. $INK will allow transcendental powers and user triggered web3-based updatable image rendering. Expect on-chain rewards such as displayable inventory items: 3d objects containing secret knowledge, bespoke backgrounds, steam-punk armor suits etc. Compete to be the first to achieve certain hierarchy positions, then work together to create the universal narrative.

  • roadmap-airdrops


    We already have a number of critical rewards lined up for our community, including unique, animated NFTs and special inventory items.  Regular rewards to Ethpods who attain a certain guild through collecting elemental objects.

  • roadmap-bridging


    We want Ethpods to swim in as many oceans as possible. We’re actively exploring cross-chain bridging to facilitate this.

  • roadmap-dao


    Moving towards full decentralization is the aim for many Ethereum projects and Ethpods is no exception. $INK holders will play a pivotal role in the development of the Ethpods DAO.

  • roadmap-metaverse


    There’s not enough aquatic representation in the Metaverse, and we’re going to change that. Expect a future home for our community to be built in the Sandbox or Decentraland.

  • roadmap-growth


    $INK tokens will have more functions to grow your Ethpod as a character, and build out the Ethpods universe. Concepts we’re exploring include combat, and breeding – the latter is tricky as in the wild these creatures die soon after spawning!


Ethpods are ERC-721 standard tokens that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Once minted, Ethpods exist as static NFTs, hodlable or tradeable in the traditional way. Metadata is fully on-chain. Ethpods also have the ability to become configurable, dynamic NFTs.

Ethpods borrow ideas from Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and can be ‘staked’, yielding an ERC-20 standard token, $INK, used for a number of key functions. Rather than simply behaving as a Profile Picture (PFP) NFT, Ethpods are designed as ‘gaming primitives’, implementing RPG-like features including item collection and allocation, inventories, and a level statistic which measures progress up the hierarchy based on objects collected.

Elemental objects can be deployed to any available tentacle, resulting in the NFT image updating to reflect the newly-held item, increasing rarity. Web3-based updatable image rendering is triggered by user interplay and driven by on-chain metadata.
As Ethpods ascend the hierarchy, they become eligible to receive ultra-rare item drops, which can be assigned to special non-tentacle slots.


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Our success is the success of our community, rewards based on various performance and participation criteria.

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The Ethpods creators are a diverse group with common interests and expertise in art, design, technology and ocean exploration. Our core team is based in London, UK, with extended teams in the UK, Europe, South America and East Asia.

Core team:


Art Development

Visual art enthusiast. Everything you can imagine is real.



Contract Development

7yrs crypto native. Mastering Ethereum contributor. DeFi specialist.



Design and Production

Knitting visual creatives. Workflow and crypto.



Web3 Development

Web3 guru. Code goon.



Community Development

Engaging and building relationships.


Guest Artists

Camouflage designers

Special rare textures. Revealed soon.

Extended team:
Stevan, Claudicelia, Jerome, Andjela, Kevin, Luciana, Charles, Serkan, Louis, Jono